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Kat is a one of a kind trainer she motivates me to do my best in each workout she takes the time to explain how you'll benefit from each exercise. After the great workout she meditates with us she really makes sure we feel good about ourselves not only physically but mentally as well. Just amazing!!

Kim E.


Badass FT Mom

Great workout!!! Kat was really encouraging and pushed me to do the workouts with out giving up. Two days later and I still feel the burn, that's a better workout than i could have given myself!!! Not only is she watching out for our physical health, she cares so much about our mental and emotional health as well. Love the time of meditation at the end, just what I needed. 10/10 i recommend!

Pat Y.


Store Manager Tierra Mia

I had such a great workout! Kat, the trainer, explained all the exercises thoroughly and would come and check on you to make sure you were doing them right and to push you to keep going. The class was a perfect size! I would highly recommend it.

Aury H. 


FOUNDER Soy ORO/Apparel Manager

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