90 day


A transformational program for women who are committed to go deeper than ever to experience breakthroughs, inner healing, weight-loss,infusion of power through miracles in a sisterhood community setting.

Open enrollment now through

Feb 1st 2019

*or until spaces are filled*

Program Deets:


14 weeks of complete wellness coaching in group setting (20 women total)

Kick off with a mixer to connect and set intentions.


A total of 56 workout videos for you to complete 4x a week.  A progressive fitness approach to get you summer bod ready!

  • 2 weeks of mobility training

  • 2 weeks of flexibility training

  • 4 weeks of conditioning/stabilization endurance training

  • 4 weeks of strength training

  • 2 weeks of HIIT training


Re - Programming of your subconscious mind and patterns.

  • Identifying blocks

  • Detoxifying your mind

  • Clarity on goals

  • Building a peace of mind

  • Meditation 101

  • The power of manifestation


Soul quenching teachings on how to find your purpose, live your purpose on purpose.

  • Identifying past hurtles that presently are stopping you.

  • How to uplift and support yourself when no one else does

  • Solidifying your identity.

  • Owning your worth and power

  • Passion projects creation


Weekly 1-2 hour conference calls will be held on set date for progress and goal tracking.

Celebratory monthly mixer meetings (in person). 


There are so many more things you can expect but I will leave that exclusivity for the group. If you are interested please set up a time for us to chat!