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More Than A Body

Founded in 2018, Babes of Wellness has become a safe haven in South LA where wellness is unheard of. We are LA’s first Latina owned wellness boutique studio offering a wide range of coaching sessions from our individual one on ones, small private groups, corporate wellness parties, to our most popular CBD infused sessions. 

We believe it is essential to invest in every area  of who you are as an individual to maximize your potential, relationships and well-being . We are “MORE THAN A BODY” came from the desire to stray away from the toxic fitness industry culture. Women have been sexualized since the dawn of time, but we are changing the game by teaching women to take back their power and own their worth.

We provide a safe space for our babes to explore what it means to build physical strength, while simultaneously healing generational emotional trauma, renewing their mindset, and connecting spiritually.  It’s this belief that guides our approach in how we operate our space, and lead every client. We focus on helping clients improve their overall wellness, and teach them tools to ensure they can maintain it too.

Working with survivors of domestic violence, Kat saw the importance of empowering them beyond just the physical training and diving deep into mindfulness, meditations and different wellness practices. We are now blessed to be able to give back to our healing babes through every membership that is purchased. 

As you get well, so does another babe. We get well together. 


Kat Novoa 

Founder & CEO

An LA native, Kat has always been athletically inclined with activities like soccer, rollerblading(90’s child), and dance. Growing up Latina, Kat knows the struggle of indulging in delicious mouth watering foods while trying to avoid generational health issues like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc. After her own battle with poor body image, endlessly hating on herself, & the overbearing pressure of social standards that define beauty, and a really bad break up, she decided it was time to connect to her worth and power to create her own beauty. 

Kat became a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2018. At the same time, Kat launched her first ever positive messaging collection to support survivors of violence and create awareness on an issue that she is personally too familiar with. She has partnered with many different shelters in the LA/OC area raising funds, putting together community events, public speaking, and even providing  free wellness services to residents in the shelters.

Kat intuitively became a social entrepreneur following her desire to help other women discover their wellness journey and encourages them to go beyond just the physical realm. Her mission now is to connect both her passions, wellness and service and that is now unfolding through Babes of Wellness. 

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